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The Brian Lehrer Show Features: “This Space Available”

E.B. Studios’ Gwenaelle & Marc Gobé’s first full length documentary film which debuted at the Doc NYC film festival earlier this month.

Time to Wake Up! Emotional Branding 2nd Commandment: From Honesty to Trust

What is best, being endorsed by the 1% or trusted and bought by the 99% ?  Read post

Consumer Behavior: The Psychology of Now

Original Post appeared in WWD November 14, 2011

Amped-up change has supercharged the consumer and is frying retailers’ brains.  Read post

Philippe Appeloig: The art of details

” Geometry can produce legible letters but art alone makes them beautiful. Art begins where geometry ends, and imparts to letters a character transcending mere measurement. “  - Paul Standard, 1947


Sao Paulo: Reclaiming its city identity

“Improving people’s quality of life also means fighting pollution…pollution in all of its myriad aspects air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and visual pollution.  Visual pollution is the easiest form of pollution to fight.”  – Gilberto Kassab, Mayor of Sao Paulo Brazil

Marc Gobé Intro

It is people who own the brands!

A brand’s arrogance and its need to dominate people and their environments is the oppressive form of marketing that is not only out-dated, but repelling people worldwide. The brands that get “it” will live – and the deniers will certainly face public reaction and outcry in the form of movements, weakened brands and performance.  Social Media enables a few voices to be amplified in a way that it can capture and moves the hearts of many.

Visual Pollution

How brands and people need to co-exist as cities and citizens


“Why brands need to be part of the solution- not the pollution”


(read post)


“Brands are not what you say- they’re built on what you do…Marc taps into the critical elements that make the difference in capturing an audience and sustaining this relationship to a brand.  Emotional Branding presents the clear plan needed to make a brand a success in today’s market.”

– Gary Knell, President & CEO of Sesame Workshop

“Marc is always a decade ahead of the curve in his vision of the brand and consumer connection.  First, brand as “persona.” emotionally connecting, and now holistically connecting brands and social communities on the internet – the ultimate link.  Brilliant!” 

– Robin Lewis, CEO of The Robin Report and author of The End of Retailing

“Marc impressed me with his emotionalized approach to brand design, a concept ahead of its time…I believe that kick-ass creative is critical to the success of a brand, and no designer is better qualified to explain creative, integrated design identity than Marc Gobé.  Emotional Branding will help you understand how great brands – from Stew Leonard’s in rural Connecticut to multinational Coca-Cola – grow their businesses and attract loyal customers.”

– Sergio Zyman - Former CMO of the Coca Cola Company